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Let's talk about a couple of popular college major options.

Computer science or another facet of information technology is still a top choice for students. Depending upon your aptitude to computing and math, there are different areas of IT that you can focus on. If you don't mind math and really want an academic challenge, then computer science could be your choice. Check out options in computer science. If you want to work in the IT field, but you worry about the academic challenges, you can find other choices in the field that aren't so rigorous, yet still provide great career potential.

Information management is another area where you can work with the technology side of business, yet not have to be a computer wizard and be able to write great code. Students often combine information management with business and end up with a bachelor's of art degree in business or information management. Click here to check out education options in business management.

Other business majors are still going strong. Finance is a good degree option, but you can't be shy about math or statistics. Especially as you get into your senior year classes or consider graduate school, lacking an understanding of college math can really make those courses tough.

But you also have business administration and marketing. While some think a basic business administration degree may be too general, it is still a choice that many students select. Marketing is the business major that is probably the most fun. Marketing, advertising, public relations and sales can be really fun and exciting subjects and careers. Unfortunately, many marketing graduates end up working in sales. Now, sales can be a great career for the right person, or for the person who has the dedication to become a professional salesperson, but a good portion of the people who end up choosing a sales job because they can't find any other one, are often unhappy with their choice. Click here to see business major options.

If you just want to attend school a little ways away from home, there is always Nevada and Texas. While Nevada doesn't have too many college options, you may find your number one school there, and Texas has lots of schools in every category. You may end up with a long drive home during breaks though. Check out colleges in Texas.

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