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Business is still one of the most popular college majors. Incoming freshmen know the positive statistics that some business majors have when it comes to recruitment and employment after college graduation.

Within each school of business, each college will offer different bachelor degrees in business. Finance and accounting programs are fairly standard across all schools in that the topics covered are generally the same no matter which college you attend. Colleges do their best to prepare their accounting majors to sit for the CPA exam.

Other degrees, such as marketing, business administration, and management will vary from college to college in the course material covered. It's interesting that when business graduates are interviewed later in their careers, the one area they wish they had dedicated more time to in college was the area of management, coaching and working with employees. Click here to look into different types of management courses and training.

Just because you live in Arizona doesn't mean that you can only consider Arizona colleges. If you have good college entrance scores (SAT or ACT), good high school grades and a decent extracurricular record, you don't have any restrictions on where you can apply. If you want to stay where the weather is warm all year, you can consider Texas, California or Florida, if you're interested in a Midwest school, you could check out Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio or Indiana, or if you really want to do something different, Canada also offers some great universities that welcome US citizens.

You have a lot of choices, you should just explore them all and make the best decision you can.

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